Wednesday, June 1, 2011

KAW Creation and Yann Causeret Release New Single - "A Stranger Told Me You Were Gone"

Writing about death is never easy. Writing about the moment of death, even harder. KAW Ctreation and Yann Causeret do just that with the release of the new single "A Stranger Told Me You Were Gone".

So where do you start in writing the first few lines about that moment which occurs to all of us ? Start at the beginning ? Track backwards, and add a few mournful moments ? Add some violins for effect, and a sweeping harp to capture the percieved magesty and mystery?

No. not really. You start with a couple of verses and a chorus, written by French songsmith Yann Causeret and posted on an obscure message board, almost solely dedicated to those strange people referred to as songwriters. You then spend the next 18 months emailing ideas back and fowrth with your co-writer on the other side of the planet, finish up with a vocal recorded in France, backing recorded in Australia and guitar over dubs recorded both in France and th US, and then send the whole thing to Austalia for mastering. It's that easy...... really.

When choosing which material to work upon, sometimes logic just goes out the window, and is replaced by a feeling which simply compels the writer to continue. Ths song itself takes hold, and whisks it's participants along in a frenzied barrage of ideas. Nothing is too weird, nothing is too stupid, and nothing unworkable if you have the right creative talent on the team.

Such was the case with "A Stanger". With no deadlines, and no "must do now" timelines, the song itself grew almost organically. And like an organic carrot, had all the bumps and imperfections of a natural product which sprung up from the manure pile of random thought. Neatly transferred into a studio setting, it was then srubbed and cleaned, and scrubbed some more until it all sat nicely in place.

Words were changed, phrasing was altered, musical memes added and subtracted, until it's essence was easily seen. Somtimes death is instant, and from the initial shock comes a flow of emotions, hopefully captured here as a brief moment in time.

KAW Creation featuring Yann Causeret, are proud to announce the release of the new single, "A Stranger", a song which took the long road, but finally made it to completion.

"A Stranger Told Me You Were Gone"
© 2010 Causeret/Gotthilf/Wood

Yann Causeret - Vocals
Hervé Gotthilf - Acoustic Guitar
Geoff Wood - Acoustic guitar, drums, keys
Mark Kaufman - Lead guitar
Mike Dunbar - Bass

Producer - Geoff Wood
Engineer - Paul Butler Tayar

Photographer - Johan Genin

"A Stranger" is available as a digital download everywhere, including iTunes , and can be previewed and purchased directly from the KAW Creation website.